Who We Are




MediaCraft’s clients range from end home users to large multi national corporations. We are proud to be able to provide simple products such as floppy disk to customized software development.

As the drive towards the Multimedia Super Corridor draws nearer, MediaCraft is proud that we are able to provide the systems and solutions needed by Malaysia to face the new millennium.

In line with our nations’ vision to be fully developed by the year 2020, we aim:

To provide cost-effective hardware & software solutions that meet the needs of the market place.

To be the market leader in the IT industry so as to be able to set the standards of the industry.

To provide superior service and products to ensure our clients’ value for money.

To provide a “one stop” comprehensive facility for the rapid set up of systems for all our clients.

MediaCraft is an embodiment of visionary thinkers whose commitment is to make the web works for our clients. At MediaCraft, we are guided by these values:

  • We believe in Innovation in which it should bring benefits to our clients to achieve a cutting edge in today’s marketplace. We believe in Creativity as it provides clarity when communicating with the users.
  • Not only we will perpetually strive to uniting technicalities and creativity, we at MediaCraft are also driven to deliver in the concept of e-speed. We are excited about how Internet has brought assessibility to information any where, any time. In business perspective, it has enabled our clients to meet their corporate visions and gain economic leverage by harnessing the speed that Internet is endowed with.
  • We are ONE MediaCraft team – we are binded by it, we are moulded for it. We live by the differences that everyone of us is unique. But we are united by the passion and dedication that drive us at work single day. Together, we make a great team. For that, we have great respect for each other.