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MediaCraft’s clients range from end home users to large multi national corporations. We are proud to be able to provide simple products such as floppy disk to customized software development.

As the drive towards the Multimedia Super Corridor draws nearer, MediaCraft is proud that we are able to provide the systems and solutions needed by Malaysia to face the new millennium.

In line with our nations’ vision to be fully developed by the year 2020, we aim:

To provide cost-effective hardware & software solutions that meet the needs of the market place.

To be the market leader in the IT industry so as to be able to set the standards of the industry.

To provide superior service and products to ensure our clients’ value for money.

To provide a “one stop” comprehensive facility for the rapid set up of systems for all our clients.

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make your presense seen

MCraft has wide range of services from design, multimedia, IT solutions, events marketing. Our clients include both private and government sectors.

With our 15 years of experience, you will never need to look further. Talk to us for details.

MediaCraft's Services

Precise & Outstanding

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Investing in a strong brand:

  • Increases customer loyalty
  • Enables price premiums that allow for higher margins
  • Insulates from new competition
  • Lends credibility to new product or service introductions
  • Differentiates from the competition

A few more beliefs based on experience:

  • Branding is as important for technology companies as it is for consumer companies.
  • Clever design without a clear branding strategy might look good, but if that slick layout misses the point, you’ve wasted your money.
  • There’s no point in going through a branding exercise if the results are going to sit on a shelf.
  • Our management comes from the corporate world, and we understand the concerns and parameters of corporate branding programs.

At this point, perhaps you are asking yourself: “What exactly is a brand?” “Is it that important to invest in?” “Do we really need to worry about our brand?”

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